What I really want to know about MOOC’s

When you really sit down to think about it, the pace of recent MOOC’s implementation has been phenomenal. Both Coursera and Udacity just launched this year, and collectively have already put out more than dozens of courses– not to mention the emergence of MITx and edX as well.

A lot has been covered about MOOC’s, but not enough on the following

  • What are the profiles of the students? What are the associated statistics of the overall student pool?
  • A more systematic review of what students have gone on to do after these courses– whether in terms of personal accomplishments or new employment potential.
  • Student dynamics around the world– would love to see more personal portraits of how each student juggles class with various life commitments
  • How do the platforms choose what courses to implement and what professors to work with? What do the contractual agreements between these parties look like? Is there payment or revenue sharing?
  • What are the different investment stakeholders in these ventures? How much input do they have in content direction and/or revenue avenues?
  • What is the average cost and involvement for a course? How does it differ for various courses?

Many of these questions are probably premature for the current stage of development– but hopefully in time we will get to understanding more of these facets.


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