How will K-12 CS education move forward?

From Ben Chun’s blog, And Yet It Moves, an interesting discussion on how to move forward in CS education efforts, particularly in ACM’s proposed CS10K project with some very ambitious goals:

But at least the goal has been made clear, even if not effectively publicized: A new AP course in 10,000 high schools by 2015. (Or maybe 2016 or 2017, I now hear.) In 2011, there were only 2,667 high schools in the world with students taking the AP Computer Science A exam. Today, I think there are about 2,100 high schools authorized to offer the course in the US (not that all of them actually do). There areabout 40k total public and private high schools in the US.

Ben goes on to talk about some options for integrating CS requirements or credits in high school curricula and each of their implications– a worthwhile read if you haven’t already.


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