What I am up to these days

What I set out to do and what I ended up doing was quite different— opportunities have been popping up everywhere and it’s in all honesty harder to choose what not to do than what to do. Overall, I am trying to gain more experiences in person and not over the internet— see real people, duel out ideas in real life rather than as personas over the internet, get into the messiness of life.

I moved to SF just 2 months ago, and prior to this I was located in Taiwan where there weren’t as many of these opportunities, so I was getting my fix via MOOC’s and the online flurries via Twitter, blogs, etc. But I realized quite quickly that I had trouble with spending so much time on the computer; luckily I came into an environment where there are a lot of chances to do so in person. (Of course, my own craving for in-person interaction gets me to think about what we need for online learning to succeed).

  • Taking an UX Design class with General Assembly. My project team is (serendipitously, coincidentally) working on designing a product for an education startup that focuses on the search of after-school programs for parents.
  • Preparing for my application for master’s in designing education technology.
  • Continuing my programming pursuits. I am just about done with CS 106B and will be finally moving into Ruby on Rails. I will also be doing some front-end development to pair with the UX design prototyping process for class, and for my own projects
  • Continuing blogging, consuming relevant ideas in the space
  • Battling with MOOC’s. I sign up for (too) many and quickly realize what sustain my attention and what do not. Modpo is the only one that I am capable of sitting through the videos for; I try to keep up with it for extracurricular interest (like reading an interactive book!) Other MOOC’s: I decided Machine Learning was after all not my learning priority at the moment and ds 106 turned out to be different from what I imagined it would be. EdStartup has been valuable but is lacking coherence in narrative (it’s quite a collection of voices to keep up with). I am going to really try to participate in Stanford Venture Lab’s Designing for a New Learning Environment; this is something right on topic for me. PS. I am open to getting some project mates before the course starts, let me know if you might be interested!
  • Writing a short-story. I will be participating in a public reading as part of the Lit Crawl in SF in October.
  • Contemplating standardized tests: GRE (not required for my programs), CBEST, CSET, etc…

So— there’s a lot going on. If by any chance your path intersects with mine, drop me a note! I’d love a work or study buddy, esp if you are in San Francisco.



  1. i like getting these in my inbox. bu is a person and she writes things. life is unreal.

    (ps i think maybe you meant “dole out” instead of “duel out”).

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