You can expect an entry on this blog about once or twice every week.

This blog is an attempt to document my life and mind’s encounters in the curious intersection of learning and technology. Having no formal academic or practical training in this field (yet), I am a fresh wide-eyed newbie ready for anything . In some ways, I want to always be a beginner— for only then are we ready to form our world views free from pre-bundled institutions, and continue through the infinite loop of learn( ), unlearn ( ).

In a previous life, I studied at Upenn and worked at an investment bank. Post banking, I have worked in various non-profits and policy-related projects. Currently, I am in SF where I eye anybody who calls themselves a founder or innovator [without tangible product] with great suspicion. #jokebutnotreally.

I am also studying programming and will be documenting my learning here to reflect on which learning/teaching methods have been effective. My goal this fall is to conduct an after-class workshop for underprivileged youth that will teach them the basics of programming and CS.


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